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Typically, rehab programs fall into two categories, including inpatient and outpatient. Even though each category focuses on an individual’s recovery, there are differences between the two. For example, if you are suffering from a severe addiction, inpatient programs are intensive and work best for these situations. However, if you need to continue going to work or school, then an outpatient opiate rehab center might be a better option. At NC Wellness Center – Reidsville, a CleanStart company, our medication-assisted treatment programs provide the right outpatient rehab individuals need.

group in therapy at outpatient opiate rehab centerDefining an Outpatient Opiate Rehab Center

Before selecting an outpatient opiate rehab program in Reidsville, NC, those suffering from addiction and their loved ones should understand the differences between inpatient and outpatient.

What to Expect at an Outpatient Opiate Rehab Center

  • Treatments occur during the day, and patients return home afterward
  • The average success rate for an outpatient opiate rehab program in Reidsville, NC is not as high as an inpatient program
  • These programs are more affordable than inpatient
  • Patients can maintain their daily routines
  • These programs are optimal for those suffering from a mild addiction

What to Expect at an Inpatient Opiate Rehab Center

  • The patient must reside at the facility
  • There is a higher success rate compared to outpatient programs
  • These programs are more expensive than outpatient
  • Patients experience disruptions in their daily routines
  • Optimal for those who are suffering from a severe addiction

About Outpatient Treatment at Rehab Centers

An outpatient opiate rehab center has fewer restrictions than if patients choose an inpatient program. Typically, patients attending an outpatient program must visit rehab centers between 10 and 12 hours weekly. When patients participate in an outpatient program, they focus on:

If someone has a mild addiction, an outpatient program is an excellent standalone option. However, it is also beneficial to those who need to receive treatment during a long-term program. Typically, patients visit an outpatient opiate rehab center for between three and six months. There are instances, though, where treatments can last for over one year.

The Benefits of Receiving Social Support

One of the most beneficial advantages of an addicted person attending an outpatient opiate rehab center is having access to social support. Because patients can remain at home, they can remain close to friends and family and continue going to work. Typically, meetings occur early in the morning or at night. That way, patients can continue maintaining a balanced schedule. It is not uncommon for a patient who has completed an inpatient opiate rehab program to continue receiving treatment at an outpatient opiate rehab center. That way, they can take more steps toward their recovery and achieve a higher chance of success.

About Choosing the Best Outpatient Opiate Rehab Center

Choosing the best outpatient opiate rehab center involves some homework by the addicted person or their family. First, determine the rehab center’s treatment approaches. For example, a rehab typically uses a combination of therapies and medication to treat opiate addiction. Next, look at your lifestyle requirements. Does the program accommodate your work or school schedule?

After looking at those factors, your next step is determining which addictions the rehab center treats. Every rehab center treats a variety of addictions, but some have a higher success rate than others. So, be sure to inquire about their success rate for opiate addiction. That way, you are sure you are choosing the best opiate rehab center.

Final Thoughts

Are you or a loved one facing opiate addiction challenges? Do you have questions about how to choose the best outpatient opiate rehab center, or if this is a good option? No one should have to experience these worries without having the highest quality assistance. Now is the time to contact NC Wellness Center – Reidsville at 833.916.0562 to learn more about your options and how we can help.