patient asking what is methadone treatment

What is Methadone Treatment?

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, methadone accounted for approximately 1% of all opioids prescribed for pain. As a synthetic opioid, methadone helps treat pain. Most people often wonder what is methadone treatment. This is the use of methadone to treat patients recovering from addiction. Methadone is relatively much safer than other…

doctor and patient talking about what is methadone used for in drug treatment

What is Methadone Used for in Drug Treatment

Methadone belongs to the category of synthetic opioids commonly used for treating patients in extreme pain. Most people often ask what is methadone used for in drug treatment. Methadone is usually used to treat patients recovering from opioid addiction. Approximately 1.9 million Americans have a substance use disorder involving opioids. The number of people addicted…

lethargic woman on couch not understanding the signs of opioid addiction

Signs of Opioid Addiction

Opioid abuse is still an epidemic in the United States, where millions of Americans struggle with substance use disorders. But while many find themselves addicted, only a small portion are getting the treatment they need to heal. Still, opioid addiction is treatable. The problem is that many aren’t sure what the signs of opioid addiction…

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The Benefits of Suboxone Treatment

The US continues to record high cases of opioid-related deaths and drug overdose deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assessments reveal that in 2018, an estimated 70% of 67,400 Americans died from a drug overdose after overindulging on opioids. Fortunately, full recovery from opioids addiction is possible when you consider the benefits…